Indonesian rock climbing has the potential to be absent at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian rock climbing team is likely to miss the 2020 Olympics. This follows unsatisfactory results at the 2019 IFSC Combined Qualifier in Toulouse France, November 2019.

In the championship, the numbers were combined. Combined itself is a combination of Lead (length with layer), Speed ​​(fast fighting) and Boulder (climbing without a safety rope).

In the tournament Indonesia fielded two of its flagship athletes namely Aries Susanti Rahayu and Alfian M. Fajri. For information Aries is a female athlete who managed to break the world record for rock climbing speed numbers.

Unfortunately the results of both did not end satisfactorily. Aries was only able to finish 16th while Alfian was ranked 13th.

These results also close the opportunity for Indonesian rock climbing to appear at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Because the pre-qualification tournament in France is one of the opportunities that Indonesia has to pass its athletes. And tragically the opportunity was not maximized.

“The result is that we have not yet entered (qualification), and this indeed seems to have closed Indonesia’s doors to appear in the 2020 Olympics,” said Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI) Pristiawan Buntoro as reported by Antara.

Pristiawan said the failure was due to the lack of reliable rock climbers in combination numbers. He considered Indonesia’s superiority to be in the speed number, but unfortunately the number was not contested at the 2020 Olympics.

Even though he was sure it could offer gold if the speed number could be lowered.

“The thing to remember is that the 2020 Olympics only have a combination, not speed. This combination is very detrimental to its relation to athletes,” he added.

Now the Indonesian rock climbing team has one chance left at the Asian Rock Climbing Championship which will be held in Morioka, Japan in May 2020.


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