Indonesian Legendary Badminton Athlete Christian Hadinata Reveals the Secret of His Success in the Doubles Sector

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Christian Hadinata is one of the Indonesian badminton athletes whose name has become a legend. This cannot be separated from various achievements, especially from the dual sector. Then what is the true secret of a Christian Hadinata’s success?

Until now, Christian Hadinata is known to be one of the most successful former Indonesian badminton players from the doubles.

Noted, Christian Hadinata has defended the Red and White in two double sectors. Namely men’s doubles and mixed doubles. He also had time to focus on the men’s singles, before finally moving on to the doubles sector.

In Team Indonesia men’s doubles sector, Christian Hadinata also had paired up with many other great Indonesian badminton athletes. Like Ade Chandra, Hadiwibowo Susanto, Indra Gunawan, Bobby Ertanto, Icuk Sugiarto, Sumirat Lie, to Lius Pongoh.

While in the mixed doubles number, some of the big names of Indonesian badminton athletes who have been paired with Christian Hadinata include Ivana Lie and Imelda Wiguno.

Meanwhile, Christian Hadinata’s achievements as an Indonesian badminton athlete, both for men’s doubles and mixed doubles, are equally prestigious.

Regarding the secret of his success, the man who is also the board member of PB PBSI, as reported by, explained that commitment is the main key.

“The point is simple, the principle is ‘as a waiter’ to serve, to serve my partner how my partner can play optimally, and can get positions to return the ball well,” said Christian Hadinata.

Furthermore, the former Indonesian badminton athlete conveyed that the most important thing when playing in the doubles sector is how an athlete can build mutual understanding and harmony in the field as much as possible.

“When playing doubles my partner missed a point, how can I respond to the incident as best as possible without destroying the cooperation / harmony, however the partner has committed us both to achieve the best achievement,” he concluded.

Together with Ade Chandra and Imelda Wiguno, the man who is also an advisor at PB Djarum won the World Champion title in the same year, namely in 1980. Currently, the Indonesian badminton legend has successfully married two World Champion titles in front of the public in the country. , at Istora Senayan.


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