Indonesian contingent awaits clarity on the fate of Dwi Cindy Desana’s gold medal

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The Indonesian contingent will ask for clarity about the sports and sport gold medal won by Dwi Cindy Desana from the women’s breaking number. Previously the status of the gold medal won by Cindy caused a polemic.
Cindy’s gold medal is known to have not been recognized and was not included in the Indonesian gold medal standings. That is because sports and sports are only participated in by two countries (NOC). Practically the two countries immediately pocketed a gold medal or silver medal.
Now Chef de Mission (CdM) Indonesian Contingent Harry Citizen is waiting for the official standings which will be released after the SEA Games officially ends on Wednesday (11/12/2019). Whether the medal is counted, or still not counted as a previous decision.
“Later we will ask for a written explanation from PHISGOC to confirm [Cindy’s medal status]. When? When the 2019 SEA Games are finished they will give an official standings,” Harry said as quoted by
“The medal standings on the [SEA Games 2019] official website are like quick qounts. But officially there will be a plenary meeting after closing. So we’ll wait,” Harry added.
The Indonesian contingent actually received the decision after it was announced at the SEA Games meeting. However, in his journey there were a number of irregularities that made Harry demanded clarity about the status of the medal.
“But in the course of time, there are sports with only three participants but only two because one withdrew, and there the host got the medal. Then the host counted the medal,” Harry explained.
The man who was close to his glasses only demanded that the organizers be fair. He stressed that he would not hesitate to file protests during the plenary meeting later.
“If our medals are counted, we are silent. But if we don’t count, we protest,” said Harry.


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