Indonesian Boxing Team Starts the Struggle for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Tickets


The Indonesian team dispatched four of its best boxers to be able to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the Oceania Asia zone in Amman, Jordan in early March. The Indonesian contingent departs for Jordan on Friday (28/02). The Team released by Chairman of PP Pertina, Brigadier General Jhony Asadome at Century Hotel Jakarta.

The four boxers who will fight to secure tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics consist of three male boxers and one female boxer, who will go down in a variety of different classes.
The three male boxers consisted of Aldom Suguro (Flying, 52 kg), Lucky Hari (Bantam, 57 kg), Michael Muskita (Intermediate, 75 kg). And Silpa Lau Ratu became the only female boxer to compete in the 57 kg Bantam class.

Aldom Sugoro and Michael Muskita were expected by PP Pertina to win a ticket to the four-yearly Games.¬†This hope was conveyed by Indonesian boxing coach, Hermensen Ballo who also took part in the Indonesian team’s entourage to Jordan.

“We hope to pass two boxers. They are Aldom Suguro and Michael Muskita,” Hermensen Ballo was quoted as saying by

“But it does not rule out Silpa Lau Ratu and Lucky Hari also qualifying because boxing is not a measurable sport. All boxers have a chance to escape.”

Another Indonesian coach, from Cuba Barbarro Fernandez, also revealed that Aldom Suguro is a talented boxer with great potential.

“Aldom Suguro is a boxer who can excel internationally,” Barbarro said.

“If he can compete with his heart, I’m sure he will have a good boxing career,” Barbarro added.

Boxing qualifications for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Asia / Oceania zone should be held in Wuhan China on February 3-14. But due to the corona virus outbreak that spread, so the qualification must be canceled and get rescheduled. The Boxing Task Force (BTF) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), finally scheduled the qualification on March 3-11 to Amman Jordan.


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