Indonesian BMX Team Still Have Chances to Pass to the Tokyo Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

News of optimism was blown from the branch of the bicycle sport amid news of the postponement of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics to next year due to the co-19 pandemic. After one of the numbers from bicycle racing, BMX almost certainly still has a great opportunity to be able to reach a ticket to Tokyo.

This was conveyed by the head coach of the national cycling team Dadang Haries Poernomo.According to the Indonesian Team still has the opportunity to pass BMX riders to the Tokyo Olympics. Only for track number athletes, they still have to wait for the decision of the International Bicycle Race Federation (UCI).

“The opportunity to pass BMX racers is quite large because there are still many Olympic qualifying events that have been delayed due to the corona virus outbreak. However, the opportunity for track number racers is still awaiting the decision of the UCI,” said Dadang, as reported by Republika.

Dadang explained, that with the postponement of the Olympics for a year, there was a possibility that the qualifying round for bicycle racing would also be extended.

“We really have to wait for him. “Will the UCI continue to use points after the last qualifying round at the World Championships in Berlin last February, or again hold the Olympics qualifying round due to the withdrawal of the Tokyo Olympics,” said Dadang. “Moreover, the 2021 World Cup, which has been a place for gathering points, is scheduled to be held next October.”

Now, the Indonesian BMX National Team is strengthened by I Gusti Bagus Sahputra, Toni Syarifuddin, and Rio Akbar who are ranked 19th in the world. Red and White Squad, at least must be ranked in 11th world, to be able to lock tickets can compete at the Olympics scheduled for July 23, 2021.

Supposedly, the Indonesian BMX Team underwent four series of races held in the country, namely the Asian BMX Championship, the BMX C-1 Jakarta Championship, the BMX C-1 and the Hors Class held in Banyuwangi. But the series of championships must be postponed because of the global co-19 pandemic.

Not only in the country, the BMX national team is also scheduled to perform at the BMX World Cup in the United States and Argentina in May 2020, the BMX World Championship in June 2020, and the BMX C-1 World Cup in the United States.

“At first we hoped that the Indonesian BMX team could qualify from these four series (Indonesia), but all of them were canceled. Likewise, events in the United States and Argentina were not necessarily carried out due to the corona virus. So, we are still waiting for the development of the UCI,” explained Dadang

Although the co-19 pandemic is still ravaging, the national bicycle race projected for the Tokyo Olympics is still going on, guided by the WHO recommended health protocol.

As a training center, PB ISSI concentrated in two regions in East Java. Namely the BMX number in Banyuwangi, and for the track number in Malang.


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