Indonesian BMX Optimistic Can Donate Athletes at the Tokyo 2020

Sumber Gambar:

The head coach of the Indonesian national bicycle race team, Dadang Haris Purnomo, was optimistic that he could pass his athlete to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Indonesia is currently ranked 19th in the world. To be able to participate Indonesia will use the country ranking method. Where they must at least be able to reach the top 11 positions.

Dadang is optimistic that with the remaining 10 pre-qualification championships until next April, his team can donate representatives to participate.

“If you look at the position, we still have a chance. We still have an event (championship) in Indonesia itself from UCI (International Bicycle Racing Federation) which all have Olympic points,” Dadang said as quoted by

Of the 10 championships, six of them will be held in Indonesia. With details of four series categorized as Class One (C1), One series with the rank of Hors Class (HC) and one Asian championship.

The series included the National Balab Bicycle Championship, Jakarta International BMX, Banyuwangi International BMX and Asian BMX Championship. This is clearly a distinct advantage for Dadang and his team who are familiar with the terrain in Indonesia.

In addition, the Indonesian BMX team will also compete in the 2020 BMX Supercross Championship which will be held in Shepparton and Bathurst, Australia in early February.
Meanwhile to be able to qualify for the Olympics, the Indonesian BMX team will rely on its three best athletes, namely I Gusti Bagus Saputra (world number 43), Rio Akbar (world number 50) and Toni Syarifudin (world number 177).

Unfortunately, of the three athletes, only one possibility could be sent. If you want to send more than one athlete, Indonesia must finish 3-5.

While of the three athletes, only Toni Syarifudin has experienced the Olympic atmosphere, precisely at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Brasil. He became Indonesia’s first BMX bicycle rider and is still the only one who managed to take part in the biggest sports party all over the world.


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