Indonesian Bicycle Team Aware of Coronavirus

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian team for bicycle racing was also aware of the spread of the corona virus which is now horrendous to the world. This is inseparable from their plans to perform at the MTB downhill championship in Thailand in early February 2020.

Such vigilance arises, because the corona virus is now not only spreading in China, but has also begun to spread to the Southeast Asian region. Thailand is also included in the list of affected countries, as reported by the Ministry of Public Health (Kemenkes).

Reportedly, a 73-year-old woman was being treated at Thailand’s Nakhon Pathom hospital, 60 km from Bangkok. He tested positive for the coronavirus, having previously traveled to Wuhan China for the New Year’s holiday.

Indonesia’s own bicycle racing team plans to send four downhill male and female athletes to the White Elephant Country. Thailand hosts the Asian Mountain Bike Continental Championships – XCO = XCE-DHI-XCR, from 1 to 5 February 2020.

The situation related to the corona virus was immediately received a response from the Head of the PB ISSI Achievement Development Budi Saputra. Although he claimed to be surprised, but he still will prepare a number of preventive measures in order to maintain and protect athletes.

“From Thailand there has been no announcement. It’s only been two days so it’s crowded, maybe I should consult with a bicycle racing doctor first regarding anticipatory measures for children,” Budi said, reported by detiksport, Friday (1/24/2020) ).

“If there is a travel warning from the government, we will not leave. Yes, we will wait for those two things first,” he said.

Confirmed separately, the head of the Indonesian national cycling team coach Dadang Haris Purnomo, also expressed his concern, about the spread of the virus which was thought to spread through the bat animal.

“If you are worried, we will only have until now no travel warning from the federation or related parties. So you don’t know what it looks like,” he said separately.


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