Indonesian Badminton Legend Talk about Jojo and Anthony’s Preparation

Sumber: ANTARA FOTO/INASGOC/Puspa Perwitasari

Indonesian badminton legend, Rudi Hartono commented on the preparation of Indonesian men’s singles ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He said the two Indonesian top representatives, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie had considerable potential. But he considered both of them need more preparation to become champions.

The first Indonesian badminton player who won gold at the Olympics turned out to be following the progress of the preparation of Indonesian athletes. Not infrequently he watched the match so he knew the extent of preparation and maturity of Indonesian athletes.

From his observations so far Anthony Ginting who according to him shows encouraging progress. Rudi even assessed that the badminton player born in Cimahi, West Java has the potential to gain gold at the Olympics this time.

“Anthony is progressing just how he maintains the rhythm of the game and his strategy, the possibility of the upcoming Olympics can get a medal between gold over silver,” Rudi Hartono said as quoted by

As for Jojo, Jonatan Christie’s nickname is considered to require a greater effort to be able to perform optimally. Rudi did not mention the 2018 ASIAN games gold medalist was decreasing or bad. It’s just that he felt there was something less exciting with Jojo, so less when compared to Anthony.

“If Jojo plays it too carefully so he can’t make a surprise unlike Anthony,” continued Rudi Hartono.

Despite the praise and criticism leveled, Rudi hopes that the two will continue to improve themselves. Moreover, the Olympics is a grand event that stakes prestige between countries. More than that, the Olympic gold medal will re-emphasize the superiority of Indonesian badminton in the eyes of the world, after being dim for the past few years.
“If the men’s singles are not exactly risen, unless they have won the All England or the Olympics,” the 63-year-old added.


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