Indonesia is Confident to Become a Prospective Host for Olympic Games 2032


After successfully holding the Asian Games 2018 event in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia immediately focused on aiming to host the upcoming Olympics 2032. Indonesia’s self-confident is eyeing the position because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has not yet decided on the host that year.

For this reason, the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Imam Nahrawi hopes for all parties to take part as an important part in preparing Indonesia to host the upcoming Olympics 2032. Imam said that the success of the yesterday Asian Games is a historical record for Indonesia.

“Yesterday’s Asian Games were supported by all, all 263 million Indonesians thank God we have a good history for this country, extraordinary,” Imam said, as quoted by

“It’s not only the Asian Games, but we prepare Indonesia to host the Olympics 2032. Prepare from now, not only for athletes but for all. I think we must really prepare, “he said.

Yesterday’s Asian Games also became an arena to show that Indonesia was able to host a bigger event.

“The Asian Games event is not solely to produce brilliant achievements, but also in the framework of Asian branding, in order to also show how this country must be truly branding as a country that can be a good and decent host for a grand event,” he added.

Not only capitalized on the success of the Asian Games event, the success of the Asian Para Games event also became Indonesia’s capital to be sure to host the Olympics 2032.  For this reason, Indonesia still has plenty of time to prepare to prepare arenas, budgets, facilities and human resources to support the Olympic Games.

“The Resurgence of Indonesian Sports after the Asian Games and Asian Games 2018 Games” he added.

The International Olympic Committee has not yet decided to host the Olympics 2032. However, the Olympics 2020 will be held in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Paris is set to host 2024, following Los Angeles in 2028.



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