Indonesia Dominates Woman’s Fast Climb

Sumber: FOTO/INASGOC/Hendra Nurdiyansyah

Rock climbing is a new sport competition at the Asian Games 2018. This sporting branch gives contribution by donating gold and bronze on the first day of the sporting event held on Thursday (23/8).

Even in the number of woman’s fast climb, 2 Indonesian climbers met in the final held at the Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) Palembang. Unfortunately, this achievement was not matched in the man’s section, where the two Indonesian climbers had to compete for one bronze because each was eliminated in the semifinals.

In the final number of woman’s fast climb, Aries Susanti Rahayu and Puji Lestari has to face each other after both defeated Chinese climbers in the semifinals. In the Final, Aries Rahayu wins the gold medal with a time of 7.61 seconds. This time achievement is 0.37 faster than the time achieved by Puji Lestari.

Source: PHOTO/INASGOC/Hendra Nurdiyansyah




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