Indonesia and the Multi-branch International Sports Event Post-Independence

Sumber Data:

Asian Games, it’s a multi-branch international which held every four years between the athletes from Asia Continents which are listed in The Asian Olympic Council-Dewan Olimpiade Asia (OCA).It was held six years after Indonesia’s independence—which was in1951 at New Delhi, India—until now, the Asian Games has been held 17 times, and Indonesia has always consistently participated in every implementation.

Of the 17 Games, Indonesia’s total medals are 91 gold, 121 silver and 199 bronze .

Indonesia’s best achievement at Asia’s biggest sporting event is at the1962’s Asian Games in Jakarta.From 12 participating countries and 13 competed sports, Indonesia managed to occupy the second rank after Japan with the acquisition of 21 gold, 26 silver, and 30 bronze.

This year, in matter of months, Asian Games will be back in Indonesia. Act as a host for thesecond time, the target is to enter top 10, and Indonesia is certainly ready to repeat the success of the 1962’s Asian Games.


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