Indonesia almost get Medal from Karate


Karateka Indonesia almost made history by winning the first medal at the 2019 World Beach Games. From the branch of martial arts held on this beach, karateka Ahmad Zigi Zaresta Yuda was ranked 4/5 in the Putra Individual KATA number.

In the race for third place, Ahmad Zaresta must recognize the superiority of karateka from the United States, Gakuji Tozaki. With 24.54 points, karateka from Lombok has not succeeded in surpassing his opponent who collected 25.08 points in the match held at Katara Beach, Sunday, October 13, 2019.

In rounds 1 and 2, this 21-year-old athlete always makes it to the top 4 so he has the right to qualify for the deciding round to choose karateka who will fight in the final. Unfortunately, Ahmad Zaresta only ranked 3 in this round so that he was only entitled to take part in the bronze fight. In the final party too, the karate bronze winner at the 2018 Asian Games again had to recognize the superiority of his opponent.


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