Independent Training, Sapwaturrahman Increases in Confidence in the Olympic Games

Sapwaturrahman, sumber gambar:

Indonesian Team long jump athletes who are projected to be able to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Sapwaturrahman, said that delayed the Olympic agenda itself was an advantage for him. Sapwaturrahman assessed that the withdrawal of the Olympics would make his chances of qualification even greater.

Previously the IOC together with the Japanese Government as the host had indeed announced the postponement of the Olympics. Originally the largest sports party in the world will be held on July 24-August 9, 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has not subsided, the schedule is delayed by one year, namely July 23-August 8, 2021.

With a delay period of up to one year, it is certain that the qualification schedule will almost certainly also be delayed. This is what Sapwaturrahman sees as an opportunity for him to be able to win a ticket to Tokyo.

“If the regulation for qualification stops yesterday, I certainly will not pass. But if the regulation is extended to one to two months before the Olympics it will increase the opportunity and be very profitable, “said Sapwaturrahman, quoted from Antara on Monday (6/4/2020).

“When viewed from the time of the delay, it was beneficial for me, enlarging the opportunity (to qualify for the Olympics),” he added.

Sapwaturrahman itself is one of the mainstays of the Indonesian Team of athletic sports which are indeed prepared to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This man from NTB still needs an additional 20 centimeters to reach the minimum limit of long jump qualifications at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which is 8.22 meters.

Meanwhile, Sapwaturrahman’s best record for a while is still stuck at 8.09 meters, which was obtained at the 2018 Asian Games.

Sapwaturrahman has now been in his hometown for two weeks, after PB PASI stopped all training camps in Jakarta, and chose to return all athletes to the regions. The step is preventive over the outbreak of the Covid-19 case in Jakarta.

“Keep training independently. The regional government (regional training camp) has also been laid off, “said Sapwaturrahman.” So far the most that can be done at home is only conditioning and body weight. So the term is to maintain fitness, “he added.

Following the previous schedule, Sapwaturrahman should compete at the Asia Indoor Athletics Championship in Hangzhou China in February 2020. But the title was canceled because of covid-19. The same thing happened at the 2020 Indoor Athletics World Championships in Nanjing China, which should be held in March.


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