INAPGOC Claims the Asian Para Games 2018 is the Best in Its History


The Asian multi-event sports event specifically for persons with disabilities, the Asian Para Games 2018 which took place in Jakarta finally ended. The host, Indonesia is  also able to provide the best results, finishing in 4th place with 88 medals, consisting of 30 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 36 bronze medals.

The Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Asian Para Games Jakarta 2018 (INAPGOC), Raja Sapta Oktohari, said that the Asian Para Games 2018 event which took place in Jakarta is the best paralympic multi event in the world history.  Okto said that the success of the biggest Asian sports event could not be separated from the role of sponsors who continued to provide support from before until the event was finished.

“The success of INAPGOC running the Asian Para Games 2018 is also inseparable from the many sponsors who always support us,” Okto said from (10/31/18).  Although the preparation of the Asian Para Games 2018 for Okto and the entire team he manages is fairly brief. It’s because, INAPGOC only has 15 months before the organization that rolled from October 6th-13th. But the historic moment for the Indonesian nation incised the best results compared to the previous paralympic event.

“The Asian Para Games 2018 have incised history in the world because it becomes the best in the previous paralympic event,” Okto added.

“Our preparation is fast and brief. But we successfully held this event and we are very grateful to all the sponsors involved in this event, “he said.

In the Asian Para Games 2018, INAPGOC successfully gained 54 main sponsors and supporters from various companies. As well as being able to get income of around Rp. 200 billion from all sponsors.

It should be informed that in this year’s Asian Para Games, the highest number of participants reach 43 participating countries. In addition, in this prestigious Asian level event, all people with disabilities are historic thing for athletes, especially Korean athletes. They compete and unite in the games competition.


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