In the midst of the pandemic, Kempo holds a Virtual National Championship

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The world of sports competitions in Indonesia is back in action. One of them was carried out by the Executive Board of the Indonesian Kempo Association (PB Perkemi) who held the Tandoku Shorinji Kempo Virtual National Championship (Kejurnas), with the theme “achieving achievements in pandemic times for advanced Indonesia,”. The championship was opened by the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G Plate on Thursday (13/08).

The Chairman of PB Perkemi Aswari Riva’I said that the first championship during this pandemic period would be to compete for the Minister of Communication and Information Cup. According to him, this is also a separate motivation for kenshin (the term for kempo athletes) to be able to provide the best for Indonesia, even though it is still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We want Kempo martial arts to remain productive by giving our best because since March 2020, all Shorinji Kempo training activities are shackled,” Aswari told as quoted by

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, indeed many dojos have had to close and the kenshi can only practice independently in their respective homes.

The National Shorinji Kempo National Championship is being held virtually for the first time, however, according to Aswari, this will not be a problem. Because previously, a simulation was held. It’s just that there are still some obstacles. For example, an unstable internet signal.

“The obstacle is the signal so athletes and officials have to look for a strong signal. In addition, there is also a constraint on the limited internet capacity.

parry is not optimal, namely intermittent movement, “said Aswari again.

The 2020 Shorinji Kempo Indonesia virtual Tandoku national championship which competes for the Menkominfo Cup, was followed by no less than 240 kenshi kempo who represent representatives from 33 provinces throughout Indonesia.


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