In the Middle of the Pandemic Edgar Xavier Returns to Practicing Again


Mainstay wushu athletes Team Indonesia Edgar Xavier Marvelo started back down to practice. The training was held at Sasana Rajawali Sakti, located in Pluit Village, North Jakarta, starting Sunday (02/08).

The 21-year-old athlete explained that in fact he was still not really confident to practice outside the home.

’’ Yes, if you may be honest, you are actually still afraid. Because the number of victims of Covid is still increasing every day, ” he said as quoted by

Edgar’s concern is based on the co-19 virus pandemic still occurring in the community. Moreover, the virus is not easily detected.

It’s just that, as a professional athlete Edgar must be able to beat his anxiety, in order to be able to return to normal training for achievement. Pewushu who donated two gold in the 2019 Philippines SEA Games, promised to carry out all instructions from the Indonesian Wushu coach and management team.

‘Just believe that all protocols are run,’ he hoped.

During this time, Edgar chose to practice independently. Where, he must always send training videos to the trainer to get an assessment. Besides absorbing routine training, Edgar also frequently performs movement updates. Like a butterfly twist. Namely the jumping motion which then rotates with a horizontal body position. One of the movements that was judged to be the most difficult.

Current conditions, all wushu championships at various levels are indeed being stopped due to a pandemic. One of the most important events in 2020, the PON must also retreat until next year.

However, without participating in any championship, Edgar guarantees that his physique does not decrease, because of the training he has been through.


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