In the 2nd place of the world, Ahsan / Hendra is still worried their position for the Olympics

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian badminton athlete pair Mohammad Ahsan / Hendra Setiawan stated that they do not feel safe and comfortable with their position at the Tokyo Olympics. This is because the Indonesian Team still has two other strong partners, who could potentially threaten them.

Until now, Ahsan / Hendra are still safe in the 2nd position in the world. But once the rankings did not make the men’s doubles pair to be quiet, because their position is still vulnerable to shifts in the Olympic qualifiers Tokyo 2021

Tokyo Olympic qualifying round will be held in 2021, which still leaves a lot of tournaments, and some of them get in on the level 750. Such as Malaysia Open and Singapore Open.

Reading the existing situation, the pair of Indonesian badminton athletes, Ahsan / Hendra admitted that they will continue to work hard in the remaining tournaments, in order to maintain their current position, as a guarantee for tickets to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

“I think we still want to keep us going. in second place in the world, because it is good for us. Because we ourselves are still not sure we can qualify because the time is still long, still until April 2021, “said Hendra Setiawan as quoted from the official website of the Olympics.

Hendra’s colleague Mohammad Ahsan also said that in Indonesia today there are three men’s doubles pairs, which are ranked in the top 10 in the world.

Like it or not, the Ahsan / Hendra pair have to struggle with other Indonesian badminton men’s doubles athletes, such as Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Gideon and Fajar Alfian / M.Rian Ardianto. This is a challenge for them.

“Moreover, we must not forget that Indonesia has three couples who are ranked 10th in the world,” concluded Mohammad Ahsan.

If Ahsan / Hendra are able to qualify for the main round of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, this achievement will be the second for the pair of Indonesian badminton athletes. Previously, this couple had already felt the atmosphere of the biggest sports party on earth, at the 2016 Rio Olympics. But unfortunately their journey in Rio 2016 was very short. Ahsan / Hendra had to lift the suitcase early on, after losing in the group stage.


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