In addition to practicing independently, it turns out that Emilia Nova chose to do this while at home

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One of the athletes projected by the Tokyo Olympics, the Indonesian Team of the hurdles, Emilia Nova, apparently has his own tips for being able to keep fit in the midst of the 19th pandemic that is sweeping the world.

It was previously known, that after the announcement of the co-19 pandemic emergency status in the country, PB PASI immediately decided to temporarily dissolve the national training committee, and return the athletes to their respective regions, and conduct online supervision regarding their conditions in their respective homes.

“At home, keep the condition. More to maintain physical condition, most skipping, if jumping is not possible. Core training, the same as running but pulled with rubber, “said Emilia as reported by TribunSport.

Besides practicing independently, the gold medalist who won the 100 meter hurdles at the 2019 SEA Games, the Philippines also admitted that she now spends much of her time with family while watching Korean dramas.

“Yes, if you are busy because you are at home, so watching more Korean films is the same as helping your sister to study, right? She wants an exam,” he said.

Emilia Nova together with Sapwaturrahman and Lalu Zohri, had previously been projected by PB PASI to be able to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which has now been postponed to 2021. For a while, only then was Zohri who had officially held tickets to the four-yearly Games.

In order to maintain these targets, PB PASI’s team of coaches still imposes training targets on athletes, as well as monitoring their condition while practicing independently at their respective homes.

“We are still monitored by the coach. From the coach, tell me once a day to not be too tired, “he concluded.


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