Improve Road Bike Achievements, PB ISSI Arranges 3 Mainstay Programs


The Indonesian Sport Bicycle Association (ISSI) have high targets in achieving achievements in various international events. One of them is the upcoming 2021 SEA Games. For this reason, ISSI has also prepared several flagship programs, especially in road bike numbers.

As stated by the Chairman of PB ISSI Raja Sapta Oktohari, he does have many targets in the international arena, such as the SEA Games. In order to fulfill these achievements, according to him, ISSI has prepared at least three important steps.

First, ISSI will send a number of bicycle racing athletes from road bike numbers to join the world team (continental), with the hope that they can absorb knowledge and experience from world racers. One that has been achieved is the road bike number Indonesian Team female racer, Ayustina Delia Putri, who has currently been contracted for one year by a continental team from Thailand.

“We have established communication with two pro cycling teams, to be able to send Indonesian athletes,” said Raja Sapta, as quoted by Goriau.

The next program, which PB ISSI will immediately implement, according to Raja Sapta, is to send a bicycle racing trainer in the country to gain knowledge in Switzerland, which is the headquarters of the International Federation of Bicycle Racing (UCI). The coaches of the Indonesian Team, later at UCI will take a Diploma 3 international coaching course. The hope is that they will be able to develop and transfer the knowledge they get in the country after graduating, especially in the field of sports science which is indeed growing rapidly.

Then, the last program which PB ISSI continues to discuss, is to form its own Continental team. Raja Sapta explained, currently there are several international sponsors who are ready to work together in the program to form a team that is prepared to compete in various prestigious road bike competitions in the world.

“The goal is that this Indonesian Continental team can later become a forum for potential young athletes in the country to be able to forge and prepare themselves, in order to achieve international achievements,” concluded Raja Sapta.


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