I Gusti Bagus Injured, Indonesian BMX Team Must Work Hard To Pass the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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Indonesian BMX racers seem to have to work harder to maintain the opportunity to appear at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, after one of its flagship I Gusti Bagus Saputra crashed at the BMX Supercross 2020 World Championship in Australia 1-9 February 2020.

BMX Indonesia head coach Dadang Haris Purnomo said that his side could not yet confirm how severe the condition of the injuries suffered was good, because he was still in Australia.

“Yesterday from the last inspection there might be a slight dislocation. Later after landing in Jakarta, he would be observed to be in a maximum condition like what,” said Indonesian national team head coach Dadang Haris Purnomo in Jakarta, as reported by the Antara News Agency.

Chronology of the incident itself, Bagus fell while doing official training ahead of the race, to make his ankles become swollen. It is estimated that the conditions of strong winds with speeds reaching 40 km / hour in the venue which makes it good and many other drivers difficult to master the situation and crash when cycling.

The situation, finally made the third and fourth series of the BMX Supercross World Championship finally canceled, because it prioritizes the safety of BMX athletes. This cancellation also finally made Indonesia have to postpone its desire to be able to add to the 2020 Olympic qualification points.

Seeing the good condition that was still injured, Dadang said that he would prepare a number of upholstery racers, who could replace Bagus in the remaining 2020 Olympic Pre-Qualification Championships.

“Yes, I don’t want to. Here we have six series (championships) in Indonesia. I have prepared one racer or at least three riders who have to back up him,” he said.

Besides Bagus, the Indonesian team also relied on two other racers such as Toni Syarifudin and Rio Akbar. But the opportunity to pitch to the Olympics will only be available for one athlete with the best ranking and points.

Dadang added, the national bicycle race team will work hard to be able to get an Olympic ticket, with a country ranking, even though the chances are fairly small.

For the sake of being able to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Indonesian BMX Team did have to work extra hard, bearing in mind that the position of the Indonesian Team is still in 19th place, and is demanded to be able to rise to 11th position, which is a minimum requirement for qualification to Tokyo , with time in just the next three months …

Furthermore, the national bicycle race team will face six available series of pre-qualification championships, of which will be held in Indonesia with four series categorized as Class One (C1), one series ranked Hors Class (HC), and one Asian Championship.

These series include the National Bicycle Racing Championship, Jakarta International BMX, Banyuwangi International BMX, and the Asian BMX Championship.


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