I Gede Siman Sudartawa Choose to Practice Independent


The plan of the Executive Board of the All-Indonesian Swimming Association (PB PRSI) to send National Team athletes to conduct training camps in the United States was canceled this April. The co-19 pandemic that erupted, especially in the land of Uncle Sam was the cause.

According to one swimmer who failed to leave Gede Siman Sudartawa, in fact he and his colleagues had been in Virginia in the United States starting in early April 2020.

Personal Siman actually also has done a lot of preparation and programs, in order to get success in the United States in a series of training camp programs that are projected to face the Pre-Olympic Games.

“Yes, it was canceled. I should have left this April to prepare for the Olympics. But actually there was worse than Jakarta,” he said, as reported by Detik.com.

“It’s just that we have prepared everything but here the situation is also not conducive so it was canceled all. The Olympics are also postponed (until next year).” Said Siman.

Although now the program to America must be canceled and the national training must also be temporarily dissolved because of co-19, Siman admitted that he still tried to practice independently. This native Balinese man continued to practice as he had with the Indonesian Team so far.

It’s just that, the intensity is not as maximum as when when with the national team. Siman only practiced two or three times a week, just to maintain fitness and feel water only.

“So at most two to three times a week just practice at Cikini. About two hours later go home,” he said.

I Gede Siman Sudartawa is one of the mainstay swimmers of the Indonesian Team that is focused on being able to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This Bali-born athlete 25 years ago, has produced many achievements for Merah Putih. Among them are, seven gold medals from four editions of the SEA Games, from 2011-2019, and bronze medals at the 2016 Asian Swimming Championships in Tokyo.


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