Hendra / Ahsan Follow Minions to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Sumber Gambar: bwfbadminton.com

Indonesian team representatives for badminton in the 2020 Olympics are increasing. After the couple Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Gideon (Minions), now it’s the turn of the Hendra / Ahsan couple who successfully locked the ticket to the world’s biggest sporting event.

The official Hendra / Ahsan qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it was confirmed, after the Indonesian Team won the quarter-finals of the Asian Badminton Championships, contra the Philippines host at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Friday (2/14).

Plunging in the second party, Hendra. / Ahsan appeared superior to Gabriel Peter / Alvin Moranda with 21-16, 21-12. Indonesia itself walked smoothly to the semifinals with a 3-0 victory. Two other points were contributed by two men’s singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie.

At present, Hendra / Ahsan has managed to collect 101,717 points in the 2020 Olympic qualifications. The point magnitude is more than enough for the pair nicknamed The Daddies to perch in the position of world runner-up, until the Olympics in July 2020.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics became the second appearance for Hendra / Ahsan at the four-yearly Games. Previously at the Rio Olympics, the Daddies had to be immediately eliminated in the initial phase, because they could only win one victory from three parties.

Hendra / Ahsan became the second representative of the Indonesian Team badminton that escaped the Olympics, after the world’s best couple who was also from the country, Kevin Sanjaya / Marcus Gideon.


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