Held the First Virtual Championship, Wushu Develops Young Athletes in the Middle of a Pandemic

Harris Horatius, sumber gambar: Yayasan Kusuma Wushu Indonesia

The Indonesian Wushu Grand Board (PB WI) held a 2020 Virtual Wushu Championship, as a form of guidance and also an opening path to the 2020 Wushu National Championship. This event also received appreciation from the Government of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora).

Menpora Zainuddin Amali, who also had the opportunity to open the inaugural 2020 Virtual Wushu Championship on the night of October 10, immediately gave his appreciation for the hard work and creativity of PB WI administrators who did not stop providing guidance in the midst of the current pandemic atmosphere.

“The government appreciates Indonesian wushu families because in the midst of a pandemic they are able to show creativity in holding virtual competitions,” said Zainudin in the opening which was also held virtually.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of Indonesian Wushu Airlangga Hertanto also said that this championship had been organized since July 2020, and is the opening championship of the Wushu National Championship which is planned to be held in December 2020.

The 2020 Virtual Wushu Championship will take place on October 10-17. The tournament was attended by 632 athletes from 50 gyms in Indonesia to compete for the PB WI Chairperson Cup. Airlangga Hartarto for the overall champion.

This the championship has the main objective as a medium to collect data from all junior athletes owned by Indonesian Wushu. With the hope that all potentials can be monitored, as well as regional gyms can be more motivated to recruit and foster athletes, as the basis for PB WI can prepare Indonesian athletes at the international level in the long run.

“I appreciate this championship. Also for gym in the province. I hope that through this championship, athletes in the future can be born and become the pride of Indonesia, “said Airlangga.

” I also hope that in the future wushu athletes will continue to excel and sing the Indonesia Raya song in upcoming international events. “


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