Heartbreaking Story Behind Windy Cantika’s Gold Medal at the 2019 SEA Games

Sumber: The Jakarta Post

Windy Cantika Aisah successfully donated gold to Indonesia at SEA Games from the weightlifting branch in the 49 kilogram class. This one virgin managed to bring gold after successfully lifting an iron weighing 86 kg in the third generation.

Nevertheless, it turns out Windy has its own story behind its success. Who would have thought that a virgin who is still in a high school uniform would have to undergo a series of inconvenient events.

“Things are not comfortable like a car was hit until it was destroyed,” Windy said reported by Kompas.com.

He said the incident occurred after he returned from the Olympic qualifications held in Thailand some time ago.

“When I got home, the tire leaked. The car was then hit from behind. Windy almost died there, “he added.

Not finished until there his feelings had broken when he heard the news the father had to get on the operating table. But he tried to calm down, let alone the father also had time to provide motivation to him.

“Even today, Mr. Windy was operated on at 8 o’clock. Surgery in the nose is like a tumor,” he explained.

“He said just calm down because there was someone taking care of him there. Just keep it up. The best love for papa,” said Windy imitating his father’s advice.

The 17-year-old lifter admitted the series of incidents had broken his concentration. Therefore he is very grateful to be able to continue to get a gold medal in the middle of the situation. Moreover this is her first debut at the SEA Games.

“This is the first SEA Games. It can break records, thank God. Thanks to parents and coaches,” he said.

Not only succeeded in contributing a gold medal for the Red and White contingent, it turns out Windy also broke the world record of the youth snatch force with his own name.


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