Having Great Opportunities, Jonathan Christie Choose to Play ‘Safe’ in Order to Perform at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics


Jonatan Christie chose to play ‘safe’ in the tournament he will participate in 2020. He decided not to set grandiose targets for the sake of being able to perform at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Currently the badminton player who is familiarly called Jojo is in the 6th position of the world. Thus he has the right to qualify because in order to qualify at least he must be in the top 16 position.

Practically Jojo actually no longer has an obligation to win titles in every tournament in order to qualify. But he must appear consistent to be able to at least maintain his ranking.
Because there is still a possibility that the ranking will fall if playing is not consistent in the remaining tournaments.

“I am already at this point and my demands are to play well. Maybe I cannot always win, but at least I can maintain my current position,” he said as quoted by Bolasports.com.
In addition, the 2019 New Zealand Open champion also tried his best to avoid injury. He did not want everything he tried to collapse in front of his eyes because of injury.

“Everyone will want to try as much as possible to qualify for the Olympics because it is not easy.”

“My important target is to get away first and not to get injured because it will be very unfortunate because I have maintained the condition,” said the 2018 ASIAN Games gold medalist.

Jojo indeed has a great motivation to be able to perform at the largest universal sports party. He wants to make up for his failure to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

At that time Jojo failed to qualify because his ranking did not meet the minimum requirements to qualify. Therefore, on this occasion I did not want to waste the opportunity that had been obtained.

“In 2016 I have just a little more to break into the top 16 to qualify, but maybe I have not had a chance. After all, if I pass, it might just be like a trial. ”
“Now I have more experience and the trip to the Olympics is good enough. My target is to pass at least first,” he said.


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