Happy for the National  Training Camp to be Held Again, Sapwaturrahman Chase Tickets for the Tokyo Olympics

Sumber Gambar: Bisnis.com

The Indonesian team’s mainstay long jump specialist athlete Sapwaturrahman welcomes the return of the national training center (Pelatnas) agenda of the Indonesian Athletics Association (PASI) which plans to start on August 11, 2020.

Sapwa became one of the 10 first wave athletes who were called by PASI to Jakarta. A total of 15 athletes will later become members of the National Pelatnas. They were prepared for two major events, namely the 2021 SEA Games and the Tokyo Olympics in the same year.

“I will join him later because of some business, but I have already asked for permission,” said Sapwaturrahman, as quoted by Tempo.co.

Although the National Athletic Training Center has stopped since March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sapwa remains disciplined in independent training, to be able to maintain his physical abilities. According to the athlete from NTB, since he returned to his hometown, he has never missed training with a busy schedule, although Sapwa admits that the portion is not as intense as with the Indonesian Team.

“The body condition is still awake,” he said.

Currently Sapwa is still determined to be able to get a ticket to qualify for the main round of the Tokyo Olympics. “As a responsibility it must pass, because that is what is targeted,” he said.

PASI itself has set a target to pass at least two athletes to the biggest multi event on earth. Meanwhile, only one ticket has been won, through Lalu Muhammad  Zohri in the 100 meter sprint number. Currently PASI is focused on being able to train Emilia Nova and Sapwaturrahman so that they can also follow in Zohri’s footsteps to qualify for Japan next year.

Emililia Nova herself will fight in her specialist number of women’s 100 meter hurdles, while Sapwaturahman is expected to qualify for the long jump.

“Emil, all kinds of greats, and Sapwa can still pass,” said the acting chairman of PASI, Zacky Anwar Makarim, on different occasions.


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