Gymnastics Welcomes the Opportunities to return to GBK

Sumber Gambar:

The Executive Board of the Indonesian Gymnastics Association (PB Persani) was delighted by the statement of the President of the Indonesian National Olympic Committee (NOC), Raja Sapta Oktohari, so that the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports could give back the gym training facilities at the Bung Karno Sports Complex in Jakarta.

“We warmly welcome Pak Okto’s proposal that the government facilitate gymnastics in GBK. This will be a motivation for us to be able to improve our achievements, especially in welcoming the hope that Indonesia will be able to host the 2032 Olympics, “said PB Persani II Deputy Chairman Dian Arifin, as reported by GoRiau.

Previously, Persani had already had training facilities at GBK, which were located next to a tennis court. But these facilities no longer exist, after Indonesia hosted the 2018 Asian Games. Gymnastic facilities were forced to be abolished at the time, for the sake of building a number of Asian Games venues.

“We are very happy, if Pak Okto’s proposal can finally be realized by the government. This means, we will return to GBK, “Dian continued.

After no longer practicing in the GBK area, Dian explained that her party had difficulty in being able to supervise athletes, especially during the event preparation period.

“So far it has been difficult for us to be able to control the development of the athletes, because the training grounds are separate. So if you return to GBK, it will be very easy to monitor them, “said the woman who is also a former national gymnast.

In achievements, gymnastics are good indeed. As in the last SEA Games in the Philippines, the Indonesian Team in gymnastics succeeded in contributing 2 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. The two gold medals were presented by gymnasts Rifda Irnaluthfi and Agus Prayoko in the artistic numbers.



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