Greysia Polii Hard Work Achieves Achievement at the Tokyo Olympics

Sumber Gambar: PBSI/inews


The postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to the year 2021 had a lot of impact on the Indonesian Team for badminton sports in the women’s doubles sector. Now, the safest position (and probably the only one who will win Olympic tickets) is the Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu pair.

Currently the Greysia / Apriyani pair is ranked 8th in the world and seventh position in the Olympic qualification standings.

For Apriyani, who is still 22 years old, the delay in the schedule for the biggest sports party on earth is considered to have a positive impact. Now Apriyani has a greater chance to improve her abilities. Like improving techniques and also mental match. Moreover, the year 2021 was the first Olympics for Apriyani. But for Greysia, the delay actually had an unfavorable effect. Because, when July 2021 the Olympics held, he was 34 years old.

Maintaining his physical condition and performance in the next year is a homework for Eng Hian women’s doubles coach. Eng’s assignment is not just a physical matter.

” Also his performance is to remain good until the Olympics, ” said Eng in a PP PBSI press statement yesterday.

Previously, as in other numbers, Greysia / Apriyani also underwent the Tokyo Olympics preparation program. But, because the event was postponed, inevitably the coaching team is now changing the program.

Currently Eng’s focus is on maintaining physical condition, as well as recovering injuries. The intensity of the exercise also began to be regulated. If previously the exercise was held six to eight hours a day, now there are only two to three hours.

“Later in the beginning of July, we will enter the session to strengthen the supporting muscles so that no injuries occur again,” explained the coach who is familiarly called Didi.

Didi is now demanded to rack his brain, and work hard, if he really wants his foster children to be able to achieve achievements in the four-yearly event. Because, competition in the dual sector is indeed very tight. Greysia / Apriyani all this time also often encountered a steep road, when competing against couples from Japan. Such as Yuki Fukushima / Sayaka Hirota, Mayu Matsumoto / Wakana Nagahara, and Misaki Matsumoto. Sayaka Takahashi.

In fact, now also emerged a new competition map from South Korea, through the couple Kim So-yeong / Kong Hee-yong, Chang Ye-na / Kim Hye-rin and Lee Sho-hee / Shin Seung-chan.

Not even old competitors, such as Chen Qing Chen / Jia Yifan, who also looked stronger and more compact.

In order to maintain the condition of Greysia can still be maximized for the next year is clearly not an easy thing. Didi, who had won the men’s doubles bronze medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics in pairs with Flandy Limpele, explained that he had prepared a separate program.

Together with the strength and conditioning team, nutritionists and PBSI doctors, Didi provided a special trainer. Now Greysia is required to be able to devour the exercise menu at the fitness center. A number of exercises must be endured by him, such as pull-ups. Because it has many benefits. One of them is, strengthen the back muscles.

Greysia acknowledged that achieving in the Olympics was still her main goal. “Not just to join, but to get a medal,” she said.

The Olympic medal will be a beautiful career ending for the former Nitya pair Krishinda Maheswari. Moreover, he has a bad memory at the Olympics. In the 2012 edition in London, with Meiliana Jauhari, Greysia was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. Then, in 2016 in Rio, he and Nitya stopped in the last eight.


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