Great Opportunity Cok Istri Agung Sanistriyani to Pass the Olympics

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Chance of national karateka athlete Cok Istri Agung Sanistriyani to appear at the Olympics is still open. With the condition, the female athlete from Bali must take part in the Olympic Qualification Round in Paris, France.

It’s just that until now, the latest implementation schedule has not yet been released.

Coki, as Cok Wife was familiarly called, revealed, that the opportunity itself was big enough to be able to pitch to Tokyo in 2021. For the record, to be able to lock Olympic tickets, Coki must occupy at least the top three positions in a qualifying tournament. It’s just that there are other challenges. Coki must also be conquered in the championship.

“The problem is that my lower class is participating. As for competitors from my own class, they have often met in various championships. Well, the one (class, Red) below me who doesn’t know what his abilities are, “said Coki, as reported by

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, several kumite classes will be combined. Coki himself, who specializes in the -55 kg class, will compete with karateka from the -50 kg class. The two classes will be used as one match number.

“In the class of -50 kg already have a big name. However, there are those who have not, but they could have been demoted. This is something that needs careful calculation. In addition, they often see their style of competition through video, “said the 2018 Asian Games bronze medalist.

With the postponement of the qualifying tournament, Coki feels that he now has more time to prepare himself, especially to fix many of his shortcomings.

“For national training, it has not yet worked. Now again physical exercise. Actually it is also necessary to practice techniques and strategies. Only, the practice requires sparing. If conditions like this are still not possible, “he said.

Meanwhile, Coki does practice independently at home. Even so, he remains optimistic that his efforts will bring sweet results, by qualifying for the Olympics.

“The target can pass, whether it’s ranked third though,” he added.


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