Goodbye Eduardus Nabunome, The Indonesian Athletic Legend

Eduardus Nabunome (Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian athletic world mourned, after one of its best legends Eduardus Nabunome passed away on Monday (12/10/20), at 21.21 WIB at Medistra Hospital, Jakarta. The holder of various athletic records and also the coach of the DKI Jakarta Association of Indonesian Athletics (PASI) died of a heart attack and received treatment at the hospital.

Eduardus had a heart attack while training young runners at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium Complex in the first week of October.

After being taken to the hospital, this Southeast Asian running legend received intensive treatment, before finally God had a different wish. Eduardus breathed his last at the age of 52.

Previously in 2017, Eduardus had indeed been hospitalized, due to heart disease and stomach acid.

Talking about Eduardus Nabunome’s achievements, it is indeed long and proud. He has made many achievements, especially in running sports.

Not only at the regional and national levels, Eduardus has successfully catapulted Indonesia’s name on various international levels. Even his name is still the national record holder for marathon running with a record of 2 hours 19 minutes, and has not been touched by any runner until now.

Besides that, as reported by, the native athlete of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) has also collected various other national records. Some of the things other runners have yet to solve are: running 10 thousand meters on the highway, national record for junior run of 10 thousand meters on track 30 minutes 06 seconds, PON record for running 5 thousand meters, and record for SEA Games Marathon.

From the SEA Games event, Eduardus was able to present a gold medal for Indonesia three times. Namely from the men’s 10 thousand meter running number in three editions, 1987, 1989 and 1991, and was able to break the dominance of the Malaysian runner at that time Subramaniam.

In addition, Eduardus also successfully won a gold medal from the marathon at the 1997 SEA Games, as well as breaking the runner from the Philippines who at that time was so respected in Southeast Asia Hector Bagio.

“I hope that Edo’s achievements can inspire athletic circles to emulate even greater achievements,” said Mustara Musa, the General Chair of PASI DKI Jakarta, remembering Eduardus Nabunome’s extraordinary score, as quoted by Antara via

“Athletes can train harder so that there will be a revival of new distance athletes and marathons. Apart from that, the competition must be better organized and tiered, “he concluded.


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