Good Bye Zulkarnain Lubis


Zulkarnain Lubis, is a soccer player in the 1980’s, in the years 1982-1987 to be precise.  The best achievement from Zulkarnain Lubis when he played for the national team, and succeeded to come through the semifinal at 1986’s Asian Games at Seoul, South Korea.

Besides playing for national team, Zulkarnain Lubis also played for Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian at that time.  The player who plays as a midfielder and has a nickname of being the “Maradona from Indonesia” because of his excellence play and during that time he was succeded to deliver his team to achieve third rank of the Asian’s Champion League in the year of 1985/1986.

Now, the legend has breathed his last breath.  Thank you for your merits for Indonesian Soccer, may the good deed of yours be accepted the mighty lord Allah SWT.


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