Golf Will Not Set a High Target in SEA Games 2019


The Executive Board of the Indonesian Golf Association (PB PGI) did not want to set grandiose targets for the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. Realistically the institution that holds the Indonesian Golf is not targeting the gold medal in this multi-event event.

“At the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, the sport of golf will compete for four gold medals. But, PB PGI only set two silver and two bronze targets in the Philippines later,” PB PGI Secretary General Antony Chandra reported from

Tight competition is a strong reason Antony did not set a gold target. According to his assessment the host of the Philippines and Thailand will appear to dominate. Because the two countries have reliable golfers who have chance to enter Asian and even world level competitions.

Despite this intense competition does not make Antony doubt the ability of athletes in the country. He believes Indonesian golfers are able to compete with other Asean golfers. That’s why he still targets a medal even though it’s not a gold medal. This was proven at the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia where Indonesian contingents were able to donate two silver and one bronze.

A number of preparations have also begun by the national training team. Before appearing SEA games, Indonesian golfers are required to take part in the Menpora Cup Golf Championship at the Emerald Golf Courses, National Golf Training Center, Depok, October 24-26, 2019.

In addition, the Chairman of the Coaching and Achievement Division as well as the Manager of the Indonesian Golf Team, Adi Hidrijanto said that his party planned to hold a trial at the 2019 Sea Games Golf venue venue, the Luisita Golf and Country Club Clarck golf course, Philippines. The trial plan will be held on November 10-15 next.

“In the trial, a mapping program will be carried out and all Goal national athletes including Patricia in Texas, the United States will be given the opportunity to conquer the field by playing five rounds,” Adi said.


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