Golf Starts to Prepare Ammunition for Sea Games 2019

Sumber Gambar:

The Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) begins to design a program to prepare for the Sea Games 2019 in the Philippines. PGI has submitted a national training concentration program proposal (national training) to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora).

In the submitted proposal, PGI set an agenda for holding national training abroad, which is in Australia. This is the same as what was done when preparing athletes to compete in the past Asian Games event.

The Indonesian golf coach, Gian Perkasa, also ensures that the national training agenda will not only be just an exercise. Gian has also recorded several tournaments that can be used as trials and evaluation materials for Indonesian golf athletes.

“We designed a 50:50 national training program. It means that training abroad and also remained in the country. Overseas training has only been planned until April, because for other tournaments we don’t know the exact schedule yet, “Gian said.

If in the future all the national agenda goes according to plan, Gian is optimistic that Indonesian golf athletes can achieve good results. In fact, Gian is pretty sure he can surpass the record at the 2017 Sea Games event.

At Sea Games two years ago, which was held in Malaysia, the Indonesian golf team received a bronze medal from the men’s team number. Well, the target will be raised to a gold medal with a mature program now prepared by PGI.

Meanwhile, Gian also said if the national training program is only as preparation for the Sea Games 2019 event. This program is not on the preparatory agenda for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan. It’s because, Indonesian golf athletes are not sure if they will compete in the Olympics.


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