Getting to Know About Successful Pentathlon Sports Donate Two Golds at the 2019 SEA Games


The Indonesian team, again succeeded in adding the gold medal coffers at the 2019 Manila SEA Games, through the modern pentathlon sport that was held at the Subic Bay Boardwalk in the Philippines, on Thursday (05/12).

Two successful gold medals were donated by the Indonesian Team through two modern penthatlon athletes in the men’s and women’s individual beach laser numbers. But do you know what kind of sport is this pentathlon? Reporting from the Olympic Games, the modern pentathlon was introduced by Baron de Coubertin at the Stockholm Games in 1912.

The word penta itself means five and athlon is a race. This sport is a combination of five sports consisting of, shooting, fencing, and swimming, horseback riding and running. While in ancient penthatlon, this sport was a combination of running, jumping, throwing spears, discs and wrestling. Since 1912 to 1980, Modern pentathlon olympiad is held for five days, with one race number held every day.

Quoted from, the pentathlon was held, after getting inspired by how ancient Greek warfare habits and styles were. In ancient times pentathlon athletes were rated as the most skilled with superhuman abilities, being able to master five sports that were very useful in warfare.

This sport was also taken, because it was inspired by the story of soldiers in the early 18th century. Where at that time, Swedish soldiers were given the command to be able to go to the end of the road on horseback. The soldier then must also be able to run to cross the river by swimming. Furthermore, he must shoot, and conquer the enemy with the sword.

Modern Pentathlon has been a regular agenda of the Olympics since the 1912 Stockholm Olympics for men. While for women, the sport can only be felt almost 100 years later, precisely at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. As for firearms used since 2010, during the Singapore Youth Olympics Games, all pistols were replaced with laser guns, replacing weapons with classic pellets. The goal, is for safety, and reduces environmental damage, due to the use of lead bullets.


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