Get to Know the Woman’s Table Tennis Champion, Rossy Syechabubakar


In the mid-80s and 90s, Indonesia had a tough female tennis player named Rossy Pratiwi Dipoyanti Syechabubakar. Her skills in playing table tennis, make her travel the world to defend the Indonesian flag.

The Woman who was born in June 28th, 1972 is familiar with table tennis from her father since elementary school age. The father then put her into a table tennis club in the city of Bandung. In the Triple V club Rossy’s talents were honed up to graduate Elementary School. After that, her ability sharpened in Gudang Garam club, Kediri.

In Kediri, Rossy’s playing ability keeps on rising. This makes her one of the national player at a fairly young age. Various championships have been felt by her, both national level such as National Sports Week, and internationally such as Olympics and world championships.

Rossy’s most proud achievement for Indonesia is from the SEA Games arena. The athlete from Flower City, Bandung defended the Indonesian name in the SEA Games from 1987 to 2001. At the biennial event, Rossy contributed 13 gold medals in various numbers, both individuals and teams.


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