Get to Know Ratoeh Jaroe Dance, The Dance at the Opening of Asian Games 2018


The beauty in the diversity of Indonesia was really stated in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games 2018. After opening with an attractive acting from President Joko Widodo, the event turned to cultural arts performances, athlete definition, until torch lighting by former badminton athlete Susy Susanti.

Performing cultural arts that describe ethnic wealth in Indonesia, open by the appearance of dancers who performed dances from Aceh, Ratoeh Jaroe. This dance became the first dance to open an art party at the opening of the Asian Sport Event. The dancers sit and move their bodies and hands and form many color formations dynamically.

The dancers sit and it’s different from the Saman dance, this dance is performed by women only. This dance is done with enthusiasm as an illustration of the interaction of daily life and the cohesiveness of the people in Aceh. This is reflected when the dancers performed rhythmic movements and the cohesiveness they seemed to make when they do movements that amazed the spectators.

In the opening ceremony of the Asian Games 2018, the dancers dressed in various colors ranging from gray, red, white, purple. These colors make the movement look very dynamic and describe the diversity of Indonesia. Reported from, as many as 10,500 meters of fabric material are being prepared for the costumes of the dancers, which numbered 1,500 dancers.


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