Gala Students 2018, It’s an Event to Speed Up Regeneration of Prospective for National Footballers


The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is working with the Indonesian FootballAssociation (PSSI) and the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) to work together to build national football, one of which is through the Gala Siswa soccer tournament which has been held in Jakarta at October 8th-21st, 2018.

The GSI competition at the national level junior high school education level which is held for the first time is targeted to accelerate the development of national football and realize the nawacita (Ninth agenda/hope) of President Joko Widodo which is the Mental Revolution through sports.

“GSI is carried out as a manifestation of implementing the President Joko Widodo’s nawacita (Ninth hope/agenda) program which is Mental Revolution through sports, and also as a tangible manifestation of the acceleration of national football development,” Hamid Muhammad explained as Director General of Primary and Secondary Education (Dirjen Dikdasmen) of the Ministry of Education and Culture.  Hamid added that the GSI must be a momentum to evoke football which led to the achievement of glory for national football which becomes the dream of all the people of Indonesia.

“GSI will be an annual competition. So that it will become a tradition of seasonal matches at the school level, as in other developed countries. The hope is that there will be superior prospective in national football through GSI, “explained Hamid.  The first edition of GSI national level was attended by 612 participants and 136 officials from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

Previously, GSI is implemented in stages starting from the sub-district, district / city, provincial, national and international levels. Before entering the national level competition, GSI is followed by 2,872 sub-districts, 257 districts / cities, with 11,435 schools participating, 18 teams each, and 4 official candidates. 8 groups from 34 provinces The number of GSI matches that have been held at the sub-district level is 2,588 matches and the regency / city level is 737 matches. While at the provincial level there are 165 matches.

So, that the total GSI matches held in 34 provinces reached 3,490 matches. Meanwhile, at the national level GSI there will be 64 matches. 34 teams from 34 provinces that competed were divided into eight groups (group A to group H).

In addition to Gala Indonesian Students, the Minister of Education and Culture, PSSI and KONI have also designed and implemented a National D License training course involving sports teachers as participants. PSSI and the Ministry of Education and Culture also agreed on the Indonesian or Filanesia football philosophy curriculum as one of the sports curriculum materials in schools.


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