From Si Jalak Harupat For Asian Games 2018


“Soccer’s final must be in Bandung, we are worthy because Persib often use the field in Bandung and Persib have played in Asia’s Champion,” said Raja Parlindungan, Coordinator of Government Relations Inasgoc.

Bandung regency will have the honor as the place of the final of men’s soccer in the 2018 Asian Games. This prestigious sporting event will be held at the Stadium of Jalak Harupat, Kutawaringin Sub-District, Bandung Regency. In addition to Bandung, the soccer’s branch will also be competed in Cibinong and Bekasi.

Jalak Harupat Stadium(SJH) was built in January 2003. Prior to the access of the expressway, the stadium under the name of the national hero Oto Iskandar Dinata was built in the middle of rice fields with views of the nearby mountains. Stadium with a capacity of 27,000 spectators, usually used as a Persib Bandung’s cage, before Persib move to a new stadium in the area Gedebage, Gelora Bandung Stadium of Lautan Api.

In preparation for the Asian Games, the stadium was completed and inaugurated on 26th of April, 2005 it had undergone renovation in several aspects. The aspects undergone major renovations are field grass, stadium seats. In addition, the player’s dressing room and media center was not spared from the improvement.


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