Former Karateka Umar Syarief, Moved to Switzerland, Now He Live a New Profession

Sumber Gambar:

The name Umar Syarief is one of the living legends of the Indonesian Team, especially in karate sports. As an athlete, Umar has successfully made various achievements ranging from national to international.

Noted Umar had won gold medals in PON 2000 and 2008, and won gold in the SEA Games 1997,1999,2001, 2003, 2005, and 2009. But you know, retiring as a karateka, now Umar has instead changed the profession as a professional Zumba coach.

Now Umar is indeed focusing on a career in the world of Strong by Zumba. Strong by Zumba itself is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or high intensity interval. This sport is done in groups and in it contains a lot of muscle building, cardio and plyometric exercises.

In order to continue to be carried out with enthusiasm and fun, Strong by Zumba also inserted music as its accompaniment. Strong by Zumba itself now has a new name called Strong Nation.

Umar explained, that he had an interest in Zumba for a long time, namely when he was part of the Indonesian karate national team. Pairing up with his wife, who is also a sports instructor, made Umar’s determination more determined to try Zumba.

After no longer being karateka, Umar also wanted to try a new world. And the world that becomes his choice, is to become a zumba trainer. For Umar, this new profession has many challenging things.

“The challenge is for me to have to communicate with people. Previously I only concentrated on practicing and playing. If now I have to provide education to people, it was a very difficult challenge for me. But over time, I was able to adapt, the point is not me but participants how to do it to make participants enjoy classes, “said the man born on April 15, 1977.

Umar holds hope, what is now being run, can be an inspiration from other athletes, who may not have a choice, after no longer deciding to become a sportsman.

In Umar’s view, an athlete does not have to pursue a career as a coach, when he decides to withdraw from the national team.

“This is me as a national athlete for 20 years, I am not a national coach but I chose another program because most athletes in Indonesia do not know where and where they are going. In a sense, yes, it is possible to become a national coach and not know how to channel my hobby. I “I want to open the eyes of the athletes, how to learn to educate people and when else if not now. Besides, it can get additional income. That is my main goal,” said Umar, who now lives in Switzerland and opens a dojo in the country.

Umar now admitted that he had fallen completely in love with zumba. For him, everyone can do this sport, because it is very easy. Can be done anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

Zumba Strong Nation explained Umar, it is very useful to be able to train muscles. As well as other benefits are, after running this sport, burning in the body can continue.

“We also burnt sleep, so our hormones are still actively burning calories. What is the most sought-after person to the gym? It’s to lose weight. Why HIIT training is liked by people even though it is hard because there are so many benefits,” said the man who is now a Master Trainer The Strong Nation.



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