Forki Believe to Reach Two Gold at SEA Games 2019


The Executive Board of the Karate-Do Indonesia Sports Federation (PB Forki) is optimistic that the Indonesian contingent will be able to win two golds at the SEA games. This optimism is reflected in Indonesia’s achievements during the 2018 Asian Games.

The gold medal target will be placed on Rifki Ardiansyah Arrosyiid and Cok Agung Sanistyarani’s wife. Both are outstanding athletes who come from disciplinary kumite (fighting).

Rifki himself managed to prove himself won a gold medal in the 60 kg class kumite. He successfully outperformed Amir Mehdizadeh (Iran) as well as two bronze medalists Prem Kumar (Malaysia) and Sadriddin Saymatov (Uzbekistan).

While Coki – the nickname Cok Cok Wives managed to gain a bronze medal in a 55 kg grade kumite.

The national team manager, Djafar Djantang believes the two achievements can be a benchmark for the competition map. Because at the 2018 Asian Game event, Indonesia succeeded in placing 7th out of 34 countries, with a score of one gold and three bronze.

While other Southeast Asian competitors are below the top ten on average. As for the Vietnamese detectors who managed to get one silver.

On paper, he will be able to master the 2019 SEA Games at Southeast Asian level. As for Coki (greeting Cok Istri), it looks to have an advantage over other Southeast Asian karateka, “Djafar said as quoted by

On the other hand Indonesia actually has the opportunity to gain medals from the discipline of the word (art) represented by Ahmad Zigi Zaresta. At the 2018 Asian Games he won a bronze medal from.

In addition, Zigi is also increasingly honed at the world level event, ANOC World Beach Games (AWBG) in Qatar some time ago. Where he was able to occupy the fourth position after the creature from Gakuji Tojaki from the United States.

However, Djafar did not dare to set a target because there are words that cannot be measured. In the sense of subjectivity the jury will determine the final result. not to mention the host Philippines has a good record on the number.

“Zigi is actually worth targeting the gold because lately, the achievement is good. However, we don’t want to burden him, “he explained.


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