For Sea Games, This Young Lifter is Ready to Compete with Eko Yuli Irawan

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Potential young lifter Team Indonesia, M. Faathir was determined to be able to get a ticket to qualify for the 2021 SEA Games. It’s just that he needed to work extra hard to achieve this, because he had to compete with senior athlete Eko Yuli Irawan.

Despite having to challenge Eko Yuli Irawan’s caliber lifter, Faathir who currently holds two world records in the youth class, claimed to remain confident.

“For the SEA Games, they are still looking for pass tickets. Not want or do not want anymore. Yes, you have to compete with Mas Eko. Just be optimistic. Winning and losing is a matter of late, “he said, as reported by the United States.

One of the events to be able to determine who will represent Merah Putih at the SEA Games 2021 Vietnam, is the PON XX Papua which will also be held in 2021. In the biggest sports party in the country, Faathir will defend East Kalimantan, while Eko Yuli Irawan will be part of the East Java team.

In terms of experience and generation, Faathir is indeed far too far compared to Eko Yuli Irawan. His best strength is still at 273 kg. The details, 119 kg snatch and 154 kg clean and jerk. These results were obtained during the 2020 Asian Junior Championship. Compared to Eko Yuli, the total force was already stable at 310 kg and above.

Realizing this, Faathir was determined to continue to increase the portion of his training.

“Then, the PON gold target. That will be my first PON. From there who knows, maybe they will also be able to participate in the SEA Games, “he said.

While weightlifting National Team manager Alamsyah Wijaya explained, that in the SEA Games selection, not only seen from winning and losing. The selection process, consists of many considerations that must be taken. Including quota provided for each country.

“For example, in the 2021 SEA Games in Vietnam we will get a men’s lifter quota of seven people. We will see the distribution of lifter later in any class, “explained Alamsyah.

Alamsyah added, if in the 61 kg class, gold was almost certainly in the hands of Eko Yuli, and the quota of other classes was also full, then Faathir clearly could not participate. But this still has the potential to change, if it turns out that the quota is still remaining.

“If to meet the lifter quota, for example Faathir can enter, can win silver or even beat Eko, why not. It could be like that. So, see what the considerations will look like, “he concluded.


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