For an Olympic Ticket, Boxer Michael Mustika Focuses on Practicing Independently

Sumber Gambar:

Indonesian Team boxing athlete Michael Mustika did not lose hope to be able to get a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, because previously, his efforts in the Asia / Oceania zone qualification arena had not produced good results.

“I am still aiming for a place at the Olympics of the World Championships in Paris. If there was no pandemic, I would have competed there,” Michael said when met on the sidelines of independent training in Bogor, West Java, as reported by

Previously, the World Championship in Paris France was planned to take place on May 13-23, 2020, but the plan was postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Previously in the Olympic qualifying round, Michael had opened up opportunities to qualify for Tokyo. But unfortunately, his struggle must end in the last eight, after a visit from Anish Kumar asa India.

The young man who was born in 2001, still holds great hopes to be able to compete in the Olympics, so that if it still fails this year to penetrate the biggest sports party in the world, Michael still will not lose the spirit to try in the coming years.

“So at this time I am not interested in moving to professional boxing, because I am still determined to carry the name of Indonesia at the Olympics,” said the figure who idolized US boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the 75 kg class specialist boxer trained independently. This is also right with Michael, who has just finished his education at a high school in Bogor.

Therefore, now, Michael’s days are only filled with practicing and practicing independently, while waiting for the national training to be held again.

“Pelatnas has not yet begun, so at the moment the exercise routine is in the morning and evening. But yes, still send daily reports to the coach,” concluded Michael.


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