For a Better Preparation, Indonesian Archer Association Complete an Athlete Equipment


The management of the Indonesian Archery Association (PP PERPANI) plans to equip athletes equipment to maximize preparation at the 2019 SEA Games event in the Philippines later this month. This discourse arose after there was a case of one athlete’s bow broken.

Chairman of PP PERPANI, Kelik Wirawan admitted that this was an obstacle, because he had to race with less time to prepare.

“Each of our equipment already exists, it’s just that there is one athlete whose bow is broken,” Kelik said reported by

Kelik said that his office was coordinating with the management and team of managers to resolve this problem. With the hope that this problem can be resolved soon.

“Yesterday we talked about it, but to order the device it must be in accordance with the athlete’s body. Incidentally, the broken bow athletes have very small posture, so it’s not easy.”

“Until now the team of managers has ordered the equipment, is waiting for it from the provider. Whatever later we will try to meet the current shortcomings,” he explained.

He continued to buy bows that cannot be careless. Because every athlete needs different bow specifications. Must go through measuring height, arm length and also drawing strength. As for the price, it is quite varied.

“One bow tool is worth 56 million,” he explained.

Meanwhile the athlete concerned, Nur Asyifa said the broken bow disrupted his preparations. He had practiced using his partner’s replacement bow, but the difference in specifications made him uncomfortable.

“Honestly, this is actually annoying, because the bow needs matching. This size is not the same as mine, it is 44-66 pounds, while I am 42-66 pounds, “said the beauty quoted from the same source.

“The power bow broke during a try out in South Korea. The power bow was the first bow from 2015. I never got the recruve’s arrow, then back again since 2018 until it broke,” Asyifa explained.


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