Focus and Persistence, Silir Rovani’s Capital Penetrates National Table Tennis Team

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The tennis athlete was originally born in Jombang, East Java. She has also successfully carved her name as a champion in various national and international events. Its success can be an inspiration for young athletes.

Silir Rovani, who was born in Jombang June 22, 1988, the daughter of Siswono and Yuli Pujiastuti, has been familiar with the sport of table tennis since elementary school age, and immediately received guidance from her own father.

“I still remember the first time I played in grade 3 SD, after seeing my father and brother playing together and finally got interested,” said Silir, as reported by

Since then her talent at table tennis has continued to show surprising developments. Silir began to dare to compete in several local tournaments in Jombang.

“Initially it was local, but then crawled up from the province to the national champion, now the name OSDN represents Jombang,” she continued.

Becoming a national level champion, apparently, made Silir get a new story in her life as an athlete. Still studying in grade 2 SMP, he had to move to Kediri, this happened after Silir received a call to enter the Surya Gudang Garam Academy, and joined one of the elite teams.

“There I was from junior high school to graduated from college, so I stayed there and practiced until the club broke up in 2008. Those years were the best clubs.” she continued.

Joining the club from Kediri, Silir gained a lot of experience in competing. Starting from the national junior championships to international.

“The most memorable thing is of course when I won second place in the Asean class competition in Thailand. At that time, they lost against Vietnam. But we could also get three gold medals at that time in other classes, “she continued.

With Klub Surya, her achievements continued to rise, until at the senior level, he had experienced competing in international events defending the Indonesian Team.

“I have also been to the Asian Games, Sea Games, Seata, several times in Europe, for example Paris and Moscow. But what is routine every year is in Shina, ”said Silir.

After no longer joining Surya Kediri, Silir did not stop pursuing his dream of table tennis. Starting from the regional plates to the national plates. He has also competed in the biggest multi event event in the country, PON, and won there.

“Of course, the pride will not be great when we win the PON, yes, there will only be one single table tennis championship. but PON is a multi event. If it doesn’t arrive at PON, in my opinion, I am still not satisfied, “she said.

PON not only gives sweet memories of victory, but also gives great meaning to Silir’s life, because from this event, he finally met Bukhori, the husband who accompanies him until now.

“I got married in 2013 after PON Riau, I know my husband also at PON and National Training Center. He’s a table tennis athlete too. Previously, I represented Jakarta, although now it has stopped, ”she continued.

Silir’s development as a reliable table tennis athlete cannot be separated from his family support. The environment that is familiar with table tennis makes Silir comfortable for buses to continue to develop their talents.

“If you say the ping pong family is probably absolutely right. Because my father and mother are also good at ping pong, my brother is also a former national player, while my husband and I are also table tennis players, ”she said.

She mentioned, since childhood, her father had a big role in making she love table tennis so much. Even though he is not a professional player, her father has good coaching skills.

“My father actually used to be from athletics and martial arts, but in fact he was also able to train because he studied well with my uncle first,” she continued.

Aside from hereditary talent, what made Silir able to continue to survive in table tennis from an early age was focus and determination. Since childhood, he was taught to be total when he made a choice.


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