Flu, Greysia Polii cancels from participating in the 2020 Uber Cup Simulation Tournament

Sumber Gambar: PBSI/inews

The Indonesian team’s senior badminton player withdrew from the Uber Cup 2020 simulation which will be held on 9-11 September 2020, at Pelatnas PBSI Cipayung, East Jakarta, because he has a cold.

The Head of the Development and Achievement Division of PP PBSI, Susi Susanti, said that without Greysia, there was a change in the composition of women’s doubles in the Banteng team for the simulation agenda.

Besides that, Greysia’s position will also be replaced directly by one of the junior badminton players from Pelatnas Cipayung as well, Meilya Trias Puspita Sari, who will team up with Allessya Rose.

“Greysia can’t participate in the simulation because she has a cold. So, Apriyani will team up with young players Amallia Cahaya Pratiwi. Meanwhile, Meilysa Trias Puspita Sari is paired with Allessya Rose, “said Susi in an official statement from the PB PBSI website.

Meanwhile, according to the Head of PBSI Women’s Doubles Coach, Eng Hian, without Greysia and Apriyani going to pair up with young players, the currently leading pair is Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti / Ribka Sugiarto.

“Now the main focus is the Fadia / Ribka couple. Yesterday they won the PBSI Internal tournament. Now we will see if they can perform consistently like they did in the internal tournament, “said Eng.

Furthermore, Eng revealed, the preparations that have been undertaken by the women’s doubles team are more or less the same as when facing tournaments as usual.

“The preparation is the same as if you want to compete in other tournaments. The intensity of training is adjusted to the needs of the players. Because this is a simulation event, we make

this an opportunity to prepare for the Uber Cup,” concluded Eng.


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