Figure Behind the Success of Pencak Silat Wins 14 Gold at the 2018 Asian Games


The Indonesian team, especially in the sport of pencak silat, won prestigious glory in 2018, to be precise at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.

Currently, the national team of pencak silat has successfully bought 14 gold medals and one bronze. Amazingly, the 15 medals were obtained from the 16 competed numbers. This means that there are only two competition numbers that the Indonesian Team has not won.

Of course this success deserves our appreciation to the athletes who have struggled with sweat, blood and tears on the arena. But what we sometimes forget, there is a figure who always supports the success of athletes, namely the coach.

This behind-the-scenes figure rarely gets publicity and attention. But it cannot be denied, they are also heroes.

The success of the Indonesian Pencak Silat National Team at the 2018 Asian Games cannot be separated from the big role of Rony Syaifullah. He is the head coach of the Indonesian Team for the pencak silat sport. The figure behind the performance of Hanifan Yudani Kusumah et al.

Rony is not an arbitrary trainer. Before winning with his team at the 2018 Asian Games, he had brought the Indonesian pencak silat team to become the overall champion at the 2010 World Championships and also the overall champion at the 2011 SEA Games.

What this man from Boyolali, Central Java, managed to inscribe is clearly not a coincidence. Because before he became a coach, Rony was also one of the best fighters that Red and White had.

Throughout his career as an athlete, Rony has won world titles in 1997 and 2000. As well as winning gold medals at the 1997, 2005 and 2007 SEA Games.

Now, the 1976-born coach has a new way of life. After leaving the 2018 Asian Games national team, Rony decided to return to his long abandoned ‘home’, namely Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta.

Yes, since 2002, Rony has actually been recorded as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sports, UNS. And after being successful at the 2018 Asian Games, Rony decided to return to serving on campus.

“Since I was an athlete in 1996 to 2008, followed by a 2009-2018 coach, during that time I have not really devoted myself formally to become a lecturer. Last Asian Games, I was determined that if I succeeded I would return to the academic field,” said Rony as reported by Rony. from VIVA.

Now, Rony serves as Deputy Dean 1 of the Faculty of Sports, UNS. However, in his view, the position is not much different from being a martial arts trainer.

“The difference is only the application. When I was in the field, the basic theory that I applied was from sports science. Now, the application is through classes, experiments, training which are packaged in terms of education. Technically the same, I transfer a knowledge that I have,” he said. .

Now, according to Rony, Indonesia’s challenge is to make pencak silat a sport that is competed in the Olympics. He also hopes that PB IPSI can make the best possible use of the support from the government in this case the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora).


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