February 28th, Remembering the fight of Ellyas Pical vs Galaxy

Ellyas Pical. (VIVA.CO.ID)

The legendary Indonesian boxer Ellyas Pical was defeated by the Thai boxer, Khaosai Galaxy.This fight is a battle of two different world champion versions.Ellyas Pical is an Indonesian boxer who became world champion in super flyweight version of boxing federation international boxing body (IBF). While Galaxy is a world champion boxing world boxing world version of the World (WBA) from Thailand.

This game once again attracted the attention of the Indonesian people.Ellyas Pical is the first world boxing champion from Indonesia. The boxer who’s also known as Elly won the title by winning the IBF Super Fly Class from Chun Ju-Do in 1985. This makes the boxer from Saparua directly become a community idol and his strengthbecome the daily chatter.

The battle against the Galaxy is a match that the people waiting for. The battle of two world champions in one ring will certainly be an exciting spectacle and emotionally draining.

Unfortunately, in a match that was held in Jakarta, Ellyas Pical failed to show his strength. Elly failed to offset the strength of the Galaxy and had to surrender in round 14.With this defeat, Elly also lost his IBF title, which he reclaim a few years later.



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