Failing to be a Footballer, Andrian is Precisely Success in Defending the Indonesian Team in Athletics

Sumber Gambar: Harlie/Lombok Post

Failing does not mean the world will collapse. Because it is precisely from a failure that will lead us to another success. This is the story of Andrian, an athletic athlete from NTB who was also successful with the National Team.

Andrian is a gold medalist at the 2016 West Java PON, as well as a bronze medalist at the 2017 SEA Games. Currently this 400 meter hurdles specialist is focusing on training to represent his NTB region in PON XX Papua next year.

If you look at his career path, it was not something easy for Andrian, so that finally he could achieve achievements at the international level like now. The son of Yasin Abubakar and Farida (Almarhumah) revealed that before he succeeded in making achievements like this with athletics, he actually had high ideals with football.

Even since childhood, Andrian has been playing the sport of the round skin. But unfortunately, he failed to continue his career as a professional soccer player, after failing to bring the Bima Regency soccer team to the national round at Porseni 2005.

Despite failing in football, Andrian did not want to give up. He chose to try other sports.

He also should be grateful, because at that time his sports teacher in Bima District, gave him the opportunity to be able to pursue athletics. As a result, Andrian was also able to prove, by winning second place in the long jump and high jump at the NTB Porseni in the same year (2005).

The success at the NTB Porseni was a turning point for Andrian’s career. After that, he was promoted as a leading NTB student athlete, and began to take part in training and learning centered on NTB PPLP.

Andrian’s achievements in athletics were immediately recorded since then. Starting from the student level, where, he managed to win the 400 meter number at the PPLP Youth Athletic National Championship in Jakarta in 2008. Success at the national level, Andrian also received a call to the student national team, to represent Indonesia at the Asian School in Thailand in 2009, on debuting in this international event, Andrian immediately won gold at the 400 meters.

Even though he has been successful in the 400 meter running number, it seems that Andrian’s achievement in that number did not last long. Therefore in 2009, he also decided to move to the 400 meter goalpost.

“The reason I moved to the 400 meter hurdles was because the competition at the 400 meters was quite tight. Moreover, NTB has a national athlete, Arif Rahman who has always been a champion at the national level, “said Andrian as quoted by Suara NTB.

His choice for the 400 meter goal number is arguably very precise. Because, Andrian actually skyrocketed his achievements. Evidently, he won gold in the 400 meter wicket number at the Senior Athletics National Championship in 2010. This achievement also made Andrian’s name return to the national team, but this time he defended the senior Indonesian team, at the 2011 SEA Games, most recently at the 2017 SEA Games, he also managed to present a bronze medal.

While at PON Riau 2012, Andrian, who defended West Nusa Tenggara, also won a gold medal in the men’s 400 meter goalpost. Continuing at PON 2016, again Andria also celebrated gold in its flagship number, as well as gold from the men’s 4 x 400 meter relay.


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