Failed to Bring Gold, Esport Will be Evaluated


The Esport branch will get a big evaluation after failing to meet targets at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.Esport has become one of the new sports that has received a target from the Indonesian contingent. Because the mirror from the 2018 Asian Games ago, Indonesia is able to talk a lot in the electronic sports.

In the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, Indonesia fielded 21 athletes who competed in six games, namely Arena of Valor, DoTA 2, Heartstone, Mobile Legend, Starcraft II and Tekken 7. From these six games, at least Indonesia is optimistic that it can bring home a medal. While Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian National Sport Team, Erlangga Putra said that boasting his foster children could carry more than four gold.

But what happened was unexpected. Sportsport failed to gain a gold medal from the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

“The medal predictions obtained have been measured based on the strength of the esports national team in each of the contested game numbers. But the fact is when the game is unexpected,” said Deputy Secretary for Sports Performance Improvement, Aris Subiyono, when attending the 2020 World Games League event, as reported by

The impact Aris revealed there will be an evaluation of each game number that is contested.

“Later, together with our related parties, we will evaluate the results of each number being contested, because this result will be a consideration of the funds that will be received in preparation for the next event,” said Aris.

Meanwhile this minor result made a number of skeptics of the Indonesian contingent going back to lower the athletes in the Esport sports for the 2020 SEA Games.

Responding to this Aris said he could not comment too much. For him the speculation is still too early, even if the evaluation is not yet running.

But clearly he still had high hopes for the sport of sport to raise the name of Indonesia.

“We (the government) will continue to send the best esports players to the Asean Games, after all the chance to become a sport contributing a medal is there and indeed we have strength in that.”


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