Fail to Meet the Target, Badminton Men’s Singles are Evaluated


Badminton men’s contingent Indonesia contingent failed to meet the target at the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines. Expected to be able to gain a medal, Firman Abdul Kholik and Shesar Hiran Rhustavito actually went home without getting a medal.

Their return was immediately welcomed by notes and evaluations from the coach team.
Both Shesar and Firman both foundered in the quarter-finals. Shesar lost to Loh Kean Yew (Singapore), while Firman was blocked by Sitthikom Thammasin (Thailand) in the first round.

This is recognized beyond the expectations of the coaching team. Because at the 2017 SEA Games, men’s singles managed to donate two medals. Namely the gold medal from Jonatan Christie and one bronze from Ihsan Maulana.

“These results are beyond my prediction. I am the final target and hopefully I can win. But the field conditions also affect this match. ”

And they also lost to Singapore and Thailand. Besides Jonatan and (Anthony Sinisuka) Ginting also cannot be lowered at this time, because there are other calculations. So this result must be accepted, “said Hendry Saputra as PBSI’s men’s singles coach as quoted by PBSI’s official website.

Hendry continued, indeed there were a number of problems included in his evaluation. One of them is the problem of overcoming the wind direction. But this did not become an excuse for Hendry. According to him the opposing party also felt and faced the same thing. So it is purely due to lack of preparation for foster children.

In addition to technical problems, Hendy also highlighted the mental and psychological problems of his athletes. Especially Shesar who is not cool enough to make every decision.

“I don’t think Shesar was calm enough yesterday. So he is less able to use the right receipt to overcome opponents. This is a lesson for them. ”

“For the SEA Games in the future, I already know who will be deployed. This result is beyond my prediction. Actually, with Shesar it should also be possible, “Hendry said stressed.


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